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Two FREE Media Events You Don’t Want to Miss in December!!! {Philly} 

Phil-lennials, what’s one thing that employers are constantly asking us for but seem unwilling to give us? You guessed it right! Experience!! Inexperience is one of the biggest reasons that inhibit awesome candidates like you and I from landing jobs in our fields! That’s why I was so excited to share these two FREE media … Continue reading

“Jawn” being recognized by Merriam-Webster’s! 
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“Jawn” being recognized by Merriam-Webster’s! 

Once again, our beloved city has managed to make headlines and for good reason. Merriam-Webster is considering adding one of our favorite words to the dictionary, one that is over-utilized (if you ask me) and often misunderstood to outsiders. That word is none other than…drumroll please… JAWN. But the gag is, it’s already considered a … Continue reading

Black “Mall” 10.22.17 {Philly Event Alert!} 
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Black “Mall” 10.22.17 {Philly Event Alert!} 

Are you a black business owner/ entrepreneur or someone looking for black businesses to patronize? Well look no further! Come out Sunday October 22, 2017 from 3-8pm to the Black Mall! There will be over 20 vendors ranging from clothing and accessories to financial advice, live performances, poetry and raffles. I don’t know about you, … Continue reading

ACANA African Festival 2017 Recap! 4 Do’s & 1 Don’t!!! 
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ACANA African Festival 2017 Recap! 4 Do’s & 1 Don’t!!! 

The 10th Annual ACANA African Festival was UNFORGETTABLE to say the least and I’m sure anyone who attended would agree. Some of the finest musicians and dancers from across the continent of Africa, gave us a taste of the motherland with some spectacular performances!  There were some amazing giveaways from local business owners, community resources available, … Continue reading

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#DoItForTheCulture: 3 Cultural Events Happenin’ in August {Philly}

One of the greatest things about Philly is that it is such a diverse city! You don’t have to go too far to meet someone of a different nationality or experience the tastes that come along with it. We have everything right here in our own backyard. While I was cruising through these internet streets, I came across a few … Continue reading

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Silent Philly Party! 🎧 4 Do’s and 1 Don’t!!! 

Silent Philly is the latest clubbing experience that has taken the city by storm. It’s fun and simple! Three DJs representing three different genres of music, spin the latest in Top 40, Hip Hop and R&B and EDM. Each station, which party goers can control by flicking the switch on their wireless headphones, is identified … Continue reading